the pool

kevin e. taylor | MySpace Video

Speaking of skating in Charleston, SC... A real cool dude in Kevin Taylor uploaded a short film onto Myspace that documents the infamous pool on George St. The pool was known across the state and kids like me put thousands of miles on their car to travel cross-state to skate it. Comprised mostly of stills, the film shows rare images of the supreme sessions enjoyed at the pool. @5:45- Video from a news story about the problems and destruction these hoodlum skaters are causing to public property. @8:57- a little snippet from the aforementioned Shepard Fairey. Ironically, the father of one of my best buds and a fellow Holy City skater was a city developer involved with filling the pool in. Kind'a sounds like an episode of the Brady Bunch, eh? I wonder if the kids will be able to save the pool! NOT