possible source of text

When considering a source of text (although I like the idea of using Onomatopoeia), I thought our tags may be a source and a way of referencing the blog. Here is the list:

+COM (1), a "music box" I built in 2003 (1), abstract rendering (2), American, vernacular (2), Americlassicism (3), analog (1), animism (1), Best Birthday Gift Ever (1), big bang (1), Birthday Party (1), Black Moth Super Rainbow (1), boom boom rhythm (1), Bruce Haack (1), buckminster fuller (1), Burroughs (1), C++ (1), camus (1), candy store (1), captain beefheart and his magic band (1), ceramic as adjective (1), cobalt porcelain (2), collected since 2003 (1), congaree national monument (1), constructivism (1), cross-platform sound editor (1), detail (KEMPER / KEEPER) (1), digital controller (1), distance sensor (1), earthenware (1), Ed Roth (1), Edward James- Las Pozas (1), electro-punk (1), film (1), Flathead (1), Fred Astaire " Bojangles of Harlem Swing" (1), Fresnoooooo (1), from a collection of images (1), from the south and like few others. (1), GBV (1), George Lucas (1), glue (3), Gysin (1), h.c. westermann (1), higgs boson (1), hot rod (1), in-process (3), Japan (1), jerry andress (1), jung (1), Karawane score Hugo Ball (1), Kenneth Anger (1), Kustom Kulture (4), large hadron collider (1), Lazlo Moholy Nagy (1), lets motorize it invent a score and loop the paper. (1), low-fire slip (1), Lumière Brothers (1), MAKING A CLAY STAIRCASE 4 DA SPACE (1), Mama's got a squeezebox (1), mammy anicon (1), man machine (1), Mies Vander Rohe's Farnsworth House / The Fox River (2), Moon Eyes (1), motion sensor (1), motors (1), New Painting of Common Objects (1), Nick Cave (1), open source (1), or Fujitabot? (1), paint (1), polychrome (1), porcelain (1), possessive (1), randomly (1), Rat Fink (1), Reciting Karawane 1916 (1), rekkids (1), rock the box (1), seemingly relevent (1), shlock (1), simon rodia (1), southern grubbin' (1), STAR (1), swamp (1), tags (1), text (1), the normal (1), the spring before grad school (1), Tobacco (1), Tom Sachs' "Log Jam" project 1996 (1), treepeople (1), watch it instantly on netflix. (1), watts towers (1), Werner Herzog (1), wood (3), You're-a-peein' (1)


Curatorial Statement as submitted

Practice of the Druggist- Ben DeMott and Eric Miller

Crane Arts, Project Space, March 1 – April 3, 2010

Ben DeMott and Eric Miller have developed an installation of abstract work that purveys their common and individual interests, as well as their relationship as friends and collaborators. Their formulary navigates through ancillary interests, commonality, brotherhood, and culture; then it develops into broader formats of accessibility and technology. This installation is manifested through a blog at http://practiceofthedruggist.blogspot.com over a 6 month period from August 2009 to February 2010.


Crosley CR-40 portable rekkid playa 4 da space

cardinal in red

The aforementioned cardinal in red polychrome. Maybe color is in splashes or highlights, places of emphasis, or symbolic representation?


Deviants Ptooff! 1967

Think Pfft!

mammy anicon

I gotta word.

swift joinery

This image, posted on my currently abeyant blog, a phila, is perfectly appropriate now. *Notice clamping mechanism (bottom, center)



So, I'm sanding down this cardinal to remove the details ('cause I like to do that) and I remember a conversation about text. What reminded me of the conversation was my thought to paint a letter or word across the back of this soon to be "idealized" bird. I think of one of my early 4 x 4 casts where I glazed the text "fuel" onto the piece. Here, FUEL refers to wood's other use; one for a piece of wood that is only two feet long. You know, because hardly anything you could ever build with 4 x 4's will need a two foot piece of wood. At least nothing short of a little person. Get it... short_ of_ a_? Anyway, maybe the work itself has text (and is text). These are the types of games I like to play in art making: WORDPLAY. I mean, what more better function is there in life than to communicate through jive or rap?


"Hobby Craft Station"

work space


connectors, clamping blocks, bases, miters, mounts


I am very excited to see this show at the PMA. It opens while we're camping out on February 24.


torso of a young man

Casting a "Y" coupling from an oak branch can be a reference to Brancusi (or wood).


WOOD (demo)

Here's hearin'the theremin doomaflotchie I's tellin'ya'bout.

Collab with ma'dogs.


Wave bending "theremin"
manipulates pitch as shadows pass
across the grey window.
Tones are manipulated by the two white knobs.
cast ceramic, 4" x 4" x 17"


loading bisque for sod, x-trusions, and beams
polychrome: gel coat-powder coat-rubberize-crystallize