2012 Philadelphia Pickup Truck Expo
June 2nd, 6-10 pm
The Icebox at the Crane Arts Building
organized by Timothy Belknap and Ryan McCartney

We are proud to announce the 2012 Philadelphia Pickup Truck Expo, to be held in the Icebox at the Crane Arts building June 2nd from 6-10 pm. Over a dozen pickup trucks representing artists, galleries and arts organizations will be parked in the Icebox on this evening. Each truck will house a unique artwork in its cargo bed, built specifically for the exposition. In addition, all hoods will be lifted to showcase various and handsome engines; attendees are encouraged to sit and daydream in the driver's seat of each truck.
Participants have been asked to work alone or assemble a team in order to source a pickup truck, then create and install a piece within its cargo bed for this exposition. Trucks will be allowed into the Icebox 24 hours before the public opening- each piece will be assembled during this time. In addition to the opening Saturday, June 2nd, there will be several truck themed events occurring, including a movie night May 31st at 8 pm and a motor oil/ transmission fluid leak monoprint show on Sunday, June 3rd after all trucks have departed.

Details to be updated at the Crane Arts website: www.cranearts.com

Participants include:

Philadelphia Sculpture Gym
Grant Cox
Ben Will
Katrina Chamberlin
Rebecca Saylor Sack
Jess Perlitz
Nick Lenker
Kali Yuga Zoo Brigade
Chris Vecchio
Kaci Crooks Vecchio
Matt Giel
Eric Miller
Fabian Lopez
Second State Press
Timothy Belknap
Erin Riley
Matt Brett
Jonathan Santoro
Shanna Waddell
Piper Brett
Shaun Baer
Ryan McCartney
Matt Belknap
Christopher Davison
Space 1026
John Roebas
Bryan Goodhart

Refreshments will be served!!