Dinosaur Jr

Dinosaur Jr - Little Fury Things
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One of the Greatest band ever. Hands down. Amazing.


Taken from their Post-Punk album Second Empire Justice



Battlezone video game, 1980


Classic 1982 Sci-Fi thriller starring Jeff Bridges.


Mingo Junction Roundhouse, Ohio
Pennsylvania Railroad


The Roundhouse

David Byrne plays the Camden Roundhouse, where Jimi Hendrix, the Beatles and the Who have played. See the video for his New York version of the installation.

web design


complex numbers

Joukowski mapping, which maps the outside
of the unit circle onto the outside of the unit interval [-1,1]
one-to-one. Aaaaaah, the unit circle.



métallique circulaire

My Bloody Valentine

Only Shallow
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Oh, Bilinda Butcher. This songstress for My Bloody Valentine set the standard for every female crush I have had for years.

Big Black!

Easily one of my favorite punk rock bands: Big Black! Steve Albini introduced me to electronic music (sort of). His use of a drum machine was often criticized by some of my pals. It's here that I really began widening my musical taste. Somehow, I got from The Clash to Big Black! to Nurse with Wound all when I was a teen. While this may seem like nothing, my amazement is that it was done without the internet. Discoveries in underground music for a teen in the rural piedmont of South Carolina came through record liner notes, band acknowledgements, and zines. There were no search engines that produced related links, or music webstores to produce customized lists for customers who bought this, also bought...



Caravan Golf Girl 1971


Yo! This jam gots killer breaks.

Soft Machine

Soft Machine live 1967/68
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Live 1968- The original Soft Machine lineup of Robert Wyatt, Mike Ratledge and Kevin Ayers perform what is essentially Hope for Happiness.

Magnetic Fields

Magnetic Fields Strange Powers 1992

Aphrodite's Child

Aphrodite's Child End of the World 1969


In his first public performance since disaster put him in a wheelchair, Robert Wyatt sings the Monkees' I'm a Believer. On June 1, 1973, an inebriated Wyatt fell from Lady June's Maida Vale home fourth story window during a party. He had produced one album with his Matching Mole project, which he ultimately abandoned after being paralyzed from the waist down. This prompted Wyatt to embark on a solo vocal career and he essentially gave up drumming (although he made performances in more of a jazz style, using no kick drum). Soon after, Wyatt released an amazing album Rock Bottom with Mike Oldfield, Ivor Cutler, and Fred Frith. I'm a Believer was released the same year and made it to 29 in the UK charts. Both Rock Bottom and I'm a Believer were produced by Pink Floyd's Nick Mason.




the pool

kevin e. taylor | MySpace Video

Speaking of skating in Charleston, SC... A real cool dude in Kevin Taylor uploaded a short film onto Myspace that documents the infamous pool on George St. The pool was known across the state and kids like me put thousands of miles on their car to travel cross-state to skate it. Comprised mostly of stills, the film shows rare images of the supreme sessions enjoyed at the pool. @5:45- Video from a news story about the problems and destruction these hoodlum skaters are causing to public property. @8:57- a little snippet from the aforementioned Shepard Fairey. Ironically, the father of one of my best buds and a fellow Holy City skater was a city developer involved with filling the pool in. Kind'a sounds like an episode of the Brady Bunch, eh? I wonder if the kids will be able to save the pool! NOT

Andre the Giant has a posse

Andre the Giant has no posse like John Carpenter's posse. But being the teen in Charleston, SC that I was, I got to see lots of those stickers that have become OBEY. That is the land where Shepard Fairey grew up, along with a few more of us hoodlum skaters. I remember peeps taking these stickers everywhere they went. We were amazed when we saw them in random towns and cities. It's pretty cool to see the beginning of something like this. And to wonder if something remotely similar could ever happen to me... I mean, I was skating right there. That's pretty close, right?