The portable rekkid player brand.


Chanda Hai Tu

Happy Nightmare Baby!

Opal went on to become Mazzy Star when David Roback replaced Kendra Smith with Hope Sandoval.

Random Historical Moment:
This album imparts the smell of cloves and pipe tobacco on my nose- probably because those were the things I messed with in high school. Do you remember the first time you crashed at a party? I do. Somebone blared this rekkid the morning after we woke from a raging happening. It was early June in Greenville, SC. The humidity and morning sun softened our complexion while we smoked j's on the stoop about 9am. I tell you, holmes, the memories that resonate within the sleeve of a record are vast. For this reason, I question the notion that our collections should pass. Besides, in 20 years I am not sure I will shuffle through my Ipod listening to the digital collection from my 30's. I need that tangible object to hold on to while I sit, look around and listen.