So, I'm sanding down this cardinal to remove the details ('cause I like to do that) and I remember a conversation about text. What reminded me of the conversation was my thought to paint a letter or word across the back of this soon to be "idealized" bird. I think of one of my early 4 x 4 casts where I glazed the text "fuel" onto the piece. Here, FUEL refers to wood's other use; one for a piece of wood that is only two feet long. You know, because hardly anything you could ever build with 4 x 4's will need a two foot piece of wood. At least nothing short of a little person. Get it... short_ of_ a_? Anyway, maybe the work itself has text (and is text). These are the types of games I like to play in art making: WORDPLAY. I mean, what more better function is there in life than to communicate through jive or rap?